Instragram, Leverage and the (Second) Silicon Valley Goldrush

Almost everyone and their grandmother has weighed in on the Instagram acquisition over the last 24 hours, which demonstrates the extent to which tech startups have made it into the mainstream consciousness of our culture (in part thanks to ‘The Social Network’). There is compelling Aaron Sorkin-esque storyline behind the Instagram acquisition: company sells for […]

Does Instagram Work for Network Marketing Companies 2020?

Does Instagram work for network marketing companies? Great question! Some people are very serious about building their business offline but are not sure if this social media platform will be helpful. Instagram is a very powerful tool to use to grow your network marketing company. People think in pictures and when you have social media […]

Social Media for Business and Tweeting the F-Bomb to 8,000 Followers

The risk of going social for business  Many experts advise that businesses should open company social media accounts to its employees, while others advise against it. Proponents tout the advantages of relationship and trust building with customers and positive interactions with your market. Opponents, on the other hand, may cite events like the recent Twitter […]

6 Powerful Marketing Tips to Boost Sales and Credibility of Your Business 2020

The success of your business is dependent on marketing. Let’s face the truth, if you are not marketing it, then it will eventually meet its demise! And stop complaining that you can’t afford to market. The truth is, you cannot afford not to market! The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to market your small […]