How To Market Your Business Using Instagram 2019

There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram is causing quite a stir on the internet. It is the fastest website in history to break the 10 million users a month mark and currently has over 26 million unique visitors.

The surprising thing about these figures is that the demographic appears to be mainly women in the 18 – 35 age bracket. Great news if you’re internet based business is centred around a physical product which would appeal to this age group such as jewellery, clothing etc.

So first of all what is Instagram all about? Instagram describes itself as an online post where you curate and share things you love but it’s a bit more than that.

It’s really more of a photo-based social network which allows the user to create folders of photos called “Post Boards”. It is possible to Post different images gathered from the internet using the easy to use interface provided.

The experience can become highly interactive as users can “re-post post to their own post boards as well as “like” posts.

Let’s investigate how to get the most out of Instagram as an internet marketing tool. Firstly, Instagram has now become a bit more business friendly and you can open a business account or convert an existing account.

The set up of your page is crucial to the success of your marketing effort. The first thing people will see is the “about” section. Let people know as precisely as possible who you are, what you do and above all how you can serve them. As this section is indexed by search engines, make sure you include some well-researched keywords.

Instagram allows you to upload an image and at this point, you have to make a decision whether to include a suitable photograph or not. It depends what you are selling but there is truth in the saying that people buy from people so it’s probably best to opt for a decent headshot of the person behind the business. Don’t leave it blank whatever you do!

When setting up your boards, make sure you place the content that best sums up your ethos on the top two rows preferably in the centre. Some keywords in the description make for better searchability.

A great way to increase your follower numbers is to create some boards on topics outside the narrow confines of your business. Food, home and travel are examples of popular areas on Instagram which will attract Post who might not have discovered you. If you are a sole trader, this also helps to give others an insight into the personality behind the name.

Another useful tip is to include other people’s content that you like next to yours. Instagram is above all a social network so it’s best not to promote yourself or your business singlemindedly. If you can become part of the Instagram community, you will enjoy much more success and Buy Instagram Follower UK.

So is it all good news with regard to Instagram? Inevitably, there are some potential pitfalls to look out for. The biggest one concerns copyright issues. If you pin an image, it’s you that runs the risk of copyright infringement. Many sites will have restrictions on how their images can be displayed.

As stated previously, too much promotion can be bad for your commercial health and could get your account closed. Follow the guidelines and you won’t go far wrong.

Finally, it is extremely difficult to build a business around Instagram alone. It is most successful when used along with other social networks and online marketing methods.

Instagram is going through a growth spurt at the moment but it’s difficult to see if this will be sustained over the long term. However, there are lots to like about this social network.

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